Scooter rental service is temporarily canceled due to corona virus. Thank you for understanding.
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The online store also runs a rental of electric scooters in the center of Bratislava on the famous street Obchodná. Electric Scooter serves as an efficient means of transportation in crowded cities, but also as a pleasant companion in leisure activities that combines fun, adrenaline, healthy movement and discovering new places. Electric Scooter Ride is an unique experience that you have to try!

Electric scooters for rent

You can borrow the flagship of Globber, the ONE K E-motion electric scooter or the popular Xiaomi and Kugoo scooters. These electric scooters include a powerful 250W - 350W front wheel motor. The total range is about 25 km (the total rider's weight and terrain difficulty influence the total range). 

rent electric scooters

Price list

1 hour
VAT included
returnable deposit 50€
3 hours
VAT included
returnable deposit 50€
1 day
VAT included
returnable deposit 50€
VAT included
returnable deposit 50€
* Weekend rental includes 3 days, starting on Friday and ending on Monday at the same time.
For longer rent please contact us for a quote.

Why to try a Scooter?

- get your body moving a bit! Scooter is great for shaping your body and improving your overall condition. If you get tired, you can turn on the electric drive and return home comfortably

- have a nice trip around Bratislava, or load a scooter into your car and visit any other interesting place

- try driving an electric scooter to your work or a business meeting. Be careful though, there is a risk that you will never want to use public transportation nor your own car :-)

- are you going for holiday to Croatia for example? Why not take electric scooters with you? We will make a great price for you 


To rent an electric scooter, do not hesitate to contact us at the telephone number or email below. Always inquire about the availability of the electric scooter in advance.

General Terms and Conditions of Rental

- the rental price of electric scooter also includes the rental of a lock and charger to the electric network

- upon receipt we will ask for data from your ID card or passport and deposit 50€ in case of electric scooter damage

- in the event of theft or destruction, the Lessee will be liable for damages in full

Discount on electric scooter purchase

After the rent you are entitled to a discount when buying an electric scooter from our shop up to the amount of rent paid (maximum 30 €). Therefore, before buying, we recommend that you first try the Scooter and then consider buying it. To obtain a discount voucher, it is sufficient to show a rental receipt within 14 days of the rental (personally at Obchodná 53, Bratislava or via email).

Where can you find us?

Electric scooters are handed over and returned at our showroom at Obchodná 53, 811 06 Bratislava (opening hours below). There is a tram stop Vysoká (tram no. 1, 5, 8) or trolleybus stop Kollárovo námestie (trolleybuses no. 202, 207, 208, 212) in the immediate vicinity.

Evening pick up at your hotel

We offer a special evening pick-up service for the electric scooters (after the rental period) directly at your chosen location within Bratislava, whether in your home, hotel or at another agreed place. You do not have to return to our collection point Obchodná 53, Bratislava after the rent, but we will pick up the scooter ourselves in the evening between 19:00 - 21:00, or according to the convention.

Only valid for rent from 3 hours and above. The agreed rental time is automatically increased by the time we pick up the electric scooter, so if you order a 3 hour rental and you take the scooter at 11:00 am, we will pick it up in the evening so you get a few extra hours.

Evening pick up fees:

Evening pick up after 3 hours rental - 7

Evening pick up after day rental - 5€

Evening pick up after weekend rental - 4€

We pick up only Globber and Xiaomi scooters. We can pick up max to 4 electric scooters at once.

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